Fast Eddie’s Car Wash (1993)


Location: Webster Ave 1 block west of Clybourn

The Car Wash Show was my initial venture in organizing a group of artists and to showcase a series of projects in an alternative (non-gallery) setting. Fast Eddies car wash functioned as a working class concert arena for improvisational actors and Stoney Island’s impromptu rap performance. The project instigated the beginnings of the Stockyard Institute as an attempt to draw various peoples, community places, and radical ideas on practice and pedagogy.

The photo which is a document of a larger work, is an homage to Joseph Beuys depicting the workers dressed in gray fedoras, rubber boots and vests washing cars and photographing one another as a collective, democratic performance that was organized by Kris Berube, Jim Duignan, & Robert Kudrle.

Some of the artists included Renee Dryg, Arturo Herrera, Michael Piazza, Patrick Collier, Mandy Morrison, Tom McDonald, Kris Berube, Carla Arucha, John Arndt, Brock Lueck, Steve Harp.