Nomadic Studio (2010)

Stockyard Institute repurposed the DePaul Art Museum

as a nomadic studio, transforming the space into a hybrid station for production, exhibition, development, performance, publication and education.

Amidst four and a half months of programs and live performances, features included a convertible recording studio and radio station, Stockyard publication office (SITE), nomadic teacher center, workstations, exhibition space, curriculum kiosks, resource library and more.

Nomadic Studio communicated the ideas of those who imagine space in multiple contexts and very different intentions.The project celebrated the incidental, provisional, mobile, and related sites of production.

This exhibition was part of Studio Chicago, a yearlong collaborative project that focused on the artist’s studio.

July: Rumpus Room:
[7.8] Housewarming – Steve Albini “Moving a Home Studio”, Live music with Bric-A-Brac, onono and Small Awesome.
[7.15] Protect Yr Neck -Alex Maiolo and Bob Farster – Insurance and Credit for artists.
[7.22] Home Recording Panel – Mark Greenberg, Greg Norman and Brian McNally, moderated by Faiz Razi
[7.24] Solar Powered Theremin Workshop – Knox Revitte and
Night at the Museum – Anode, Paint Wars, ConNatural Artists and ConfiDance

August: Bird Sanctuary:
[8.12] Bird Sanctuary Opening – Black Public Radio w/Jim Duignan and Zikr,
Jay Ryan pigeon screenprinting workshop and Zikr live in the Rumpus Room
[8.19] (The Art of) Foot Hockey – AndrewandAndrea present “Is That All There Is?”,  and “Foot Hockey” films.  Foot Hockey match at Ray Meyer followed.
[8.21] Harnessing Social Media with Joanna Lakatos and
Last Night of A\V-Aerie with Marshall Preheim, featuring live music by Willis P. Jenkins, Tim Kinsella and Baby Teeth
[8.26] Black Public Radio interview with Mary Mattingly and
Mary Mattingly presents her work.

[8.4-8.6] @Summer Studio (Off Site) Sullivan Galleries with Brandon Alvendia
[8.7] @OpShop (Off Site) presentation of Nomadic mural work with Rob Funderburk
[8.14] @Galaxy (Off Site) AndrewandAndrea Foot Hockey filming

September: Back of the Yards:
[9.11] Publishing Process/Bookmaking Workshop with Brandon Alvendia
[9.18] Last Night of Union Rock Yards with Live music by Bottomless Pit, the Bismarck and Bear Claw
[9.23] Food, Art and the Politics of Agriculture with Liena Vayzman and
Form and Content of Writing panel with Thea Liberty Nichols, Patrice Connolly, Claudine Ise, Abraham Ritchie and Bert Stabler
[9.25] Cultural Fermentation Sauerkraut Workshop with Liena Vayzman in O170